Nightmares Revisited part I

More than a year had passed since my drunken nightly visit to the abattoir I was so afraid of. After the visit my nightmares abruptly stopped and the fear was completely gone.

I told my colleague about the abattoir, the visit and my desire to further explore the place during daylight hours. She told me she had worked for a local museum and one of her duties was to document old houses, so she was used to roaming in abandoned houses. I happily accepted her as my company.

We set our course towards the place on a beautiful, warm summer evening, when the world wasn’t the least bit scary…

This time we decided to get in through the back door. I had never been here in the summer, and hadn’t realized, how nature had taken the whole place over.

It really wasn’t too difficult to find open doors. In fact I think there were more unlocked than locked doors in the whole building.

This is always the most exciting part. You have absolutely no idea, what you are going to face next. I can’t remember what I was expecting, but I certainly didn’t expect this…

The variety of stuff stored in the wing building was greater than on an average flea market. There was literally everything from toys and typewriters to furniture and skis. The bags on the right contain pig fodder.

No matter where you looked or went, every corner was full of stuff. This one was the local tire hotel.

More tires, served with motor oil and pickled cucumber.

Featuring bikes, banana boxes, carpets and a bag of floor plaster.

One room was filled with cupboards and lockers of various shapes and sizes. One of them looked like it had suffered a fire.

The evening light in the rooms was extremely beautiful. Judging by the white tiled walls and concrete floor, this was the area, where the animals were slaughtered.

A closeup of a locker door. Judging by the dates this one has rested here for quite some time.

Next to the burned cupboards was a mix of fridges, empty food boxes and doors.

This area of the building was isolated from the others. Either there was no route to the three-storey wing of the building, it had been shut, or it was just blocked with all the junk inside. We had to go back and find another route to continue our exploration.

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