Nightmares Revisited Part IV

The first thing I found on the third floor was this kitchen, which was designed with incredibly bad taste. The red and green really don’t go well together, and to make matters worse someone had decided, that attaching lace to the kitchen counter was a good idea. Ugh.

Behind the kitchen was a small room, where it looked like someone had started renovations. Probably it had more to do with someone initiating destruction.

This room, like all the others, was littered with all kinds of random stuff. Someone had forgotten their jacket.

The following room was almost intact. It looked as if the inhabitants had just left. The rug on the wall was pretty spectacular, although I wouldn’t hang anything like that on my own walls.

A view from the other side of the same room. As you can see, the nearest neighbours are not that far away. The hole looking thing next to the radiator really is a hole someone has carved there.

Although the place clearly has been abandoned for years, there were surprisingly little graffiti and other tags on the walls. This one says “hey man, this is my home”.

Someone had been pretty desperate in getting to the balcony and smashed everything in the process.

The inner balcony door was still intact, although badly worn. Apparently all the doors and window frames had originally been red, but the balcony doors had been painted white at some stage.

There were two doors from the hallway on the third floor. One led to the apartment, which we just visited, the other one led deeper into the building. It was almost impossible to walk through it, as there were boxes of old newspapers and commercials blocking it. The pile of paper was waist high, but we managed to get through. In the other end we found two more apartments.

Again the last inhabitants had left their stuff behind. I’m not really sure the huge white containers were theirs, unless they were really big fans of mead. Or kilju.

I said earlier, that I really didn’t want to run into living creatures while visiting abandoned houses. I certainly didn’t expect to meet this chap. I’m not a biologist, but I think that’s a small tortoiseshell over there.

The kitchen of the second apartment on the third floor. The same mess was evident here, like in all the other places.

The living room of the third floor apartment. This area of the building had survived all vandalism, perhaps because it was so difficult to get through the mess in the corridor. The strange thing about this place was, that there was a kitchen, chairs, sofa and even a table, but no bed.

A look towards the entrance of the apartment. The door at the back leads to the butterfly’s home.

We crawled back through the cramped corridor and back to the main stairway. Here’s another look at the tower and its leaky roof before we started our journey down the stairs.

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