Nightmares Revisited Part III

I have already reached the door. It wasn’t exactly difficult to get this far, as all doors so far had been wide open. I had previously been too afraid to even get to this point, now I was feeling just fine. And I was about to enter, for the first time in daylight.

Like I remembered, it was a mess. For the first time I could now see the faded, old magazines and commercials, which had scared me so much during my last visit more than a year ago. And when you compare the next two pictures to the ones behind the link, you notice, that not much has changed since then.

The pink walls, the fridge and even the cardboard boxes had hardly moved. Someone had brought their mattress, though.

Even the paper sheets on the window board were untouched.

Is it just me, or was everything done more beautifully back in the old days? I mean, those heaters and handrails are all very basic and probably the cheapest they could find. And yet they look much better than modern ones.

The higher we climbed, the more uneasing things we found. There were several cans and bottles left on window boards, and they all had expiry dates long in the future.

It was certain, that there were regular visitors there. At first I judged everything by the mattresses and beds everywhere, and thought maybe someone homeless lived there. But then I remembered I was in a very small village, and there usually aren’t homeless people in those. I guessed that the people drinking in here were the same people, who smashed all the doors and windows in the house. And I really didn’t want to meet them.

This made me feel even more uneasy, and I don’t mean the fact that nobody had washed the windows in decades or something. If that is not made by a bullet, then what is it? And I really didn’t want to run into someone, who was drunk and carrying a gun in an abandoned abattoir.

The use of this pipe was a little unclear for me, as it was placed directly above stairs and too high to reach. If it was meant for a fire emergency, the crew would have needed stairs of their own to use it. So maybe it was for washing the stairs or then it was installed for Kevin McCallister’s Finnish counterparts to spray sludge on unsuspecting explorers.

When I visit abandoned houses, I take a very methodical approach to exploring them. I start from one end and make my way to the other making sure not to miss a single unlocked room..

In my next post, I’ll start from the third floor.

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