Nightmares Revisited Part II

After leaving the low wing of the old abattoir, we headed towards the main building, which I had already once visited.

A look back towards the direction we had entered the building from. It was supposed to be white, but its skin was peeling.

Several Windows were broken. This one looks like it has been smashed by a loose piece of the wall.

There was even a basement, but I chose not to enter. There are no good photos of it, but eveything, absolutely everything there was covered in a thick layer of mould.

Looks like an unsuspecting explorer might get hit with a chunk of wall anytime soon.

I have no idea, what the walls are growing, as plants are not my strong side. I’m not an electrician, either, but I hope for the sake of everybody’s safety, that those cables are disconnected.

The rear side of the building is slowly turning to a forest. And the variety of things stored at the property doesn’t limit to the interior. Let’s take a closer look at that wooden frame, as it seems pretty familiar.

This is the frame of a shelter building for fur animals. What it is doing here, is very unclear to me, as fur farming has nothing to do with this abattoir. Hopefully.

Something in the place was just dreamlike. Maybe it was the odd contrast between the wildly growing plants and the functionalistic architecture of the building.

Or the evening sun flickering on the walls.

This is why I love this particular style of architecture. The lines are simple, clean and symmetric. The room behind the windows is the one with all the miscellaneous stuff described in the first interior shot of the building. Below it is the basement we didn’t enter. I did take a picture through the broken window, however.

Inside was yet another surprise. Broken bathroom appliances covered in years of dust. We couldn’t find a place in the building, where these could have come from, so they must have been specifically brought here.

Finally we were on the front side of the building. This is not a part of the main complex, but rather a separate building housing garages and the boiler room. The chimney was originally taller, but the authroities ordered the owner to chop up some of it because it was in danger of collapsing.

Here’s most of the main building as seen from the large yard. As you can see, it is huge and quite a maze. The tower is the part I visited in the middle of the night a year earlier, the wing on the right is the part already shown in the previous post.

Here I am again, standing on the scene of my very worst nightmares. But this time I’m not afraid at all of going in.

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