Nature And Ruins


Pyhä-Nattanen, Sodankylä (2017)

A hike to the top of an ancient holy site of Sámi people in Lapland. There are also WWII era ruins somewhere here.

Rust in Peace (2019)

Two abandoned cars found in a forest by a narrow dirt road near the Russian border. Both had sat there for ages and would never move again.

Tulliniemi Nature Trail, Hanko (2020)

A photo diary about a trip to the southernmost point of Finland. Was expecting to find nature, found old WWII era barracks and artillery stations.

Iivanansaari (Ivan’s Island), Simpele (2020)

The tomb and a former fishing hut of a Finnish soldier located on an island. A tourist attraction, which is accessible by a rowboat.

Lake Bodom Murder Scene, Espoo (2020)

One of the most famous murder scenes in Finland, three people were killed and one seriously injured here in 1960. The crime remains unsolved.

Vanhavaaruntie (Old Vaarunvuori Road), Korpilahti (2020)

Once the steepest section of the Finnish road network, the road through the top of Vaarunvuori hill was replaced with a new one in 1984. The old road is now a scenic route in a nature preservation area.

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