Assembly Venues


Linnahall, Tallinn (EST) (2015)

A concert hall and ice rink built for the Olympics in 1980, the massive brutalist venue now sits idle on one of the best spots in town. There have been plans to renovate it, but so far nothing has happened.

Palace of Concerts and Sports, Vilnius (LTU) (2017)

Built by the Soviet Union, the building was the starting point of the Lithuanian independence movement. It has stood abandoned since 2004.

Zalgiris Stadium, Vilnius (LTU) (2017)

The former stadium of Zalgiris Vilnius and the Lithuanian national football team was the largest stadium in Lithuania until its demolition. Half of the once gracious landmark was gone by the time of my visit.

Police Association Villa, Oulu (2019)

Originally the summerplace of a wealthy family, it became a clubhouse for the police force in the city. They built newer and smaller buildings on the same premises, and the old villa was left to rot.

Kello Workers’ House, Haukipudas (2019)

A workers’ house built in 1917 and abandoned in the 2000’s after being deemed unsafe by authorities. After around 10 years of neglect it was demolished in 2020.

Police Association Villa, Oulu (2020)

A second visit to a former police association villa, which had stood abandoned for years if not decades. The building was demolished early in 2021.

Church, Valkeakoski (2020)

Built in 1969 to cater to the needs of a growing town, this church was closed in 2017. The congregation decided to demolish it, as it was too large and too expensive to keep and renovate. After numerous complaints to courts, the church still waits its fate.

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