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Hotel Fenno, Vaasa (2015)

A low budget hotel located near the port of Vaasa closed down in 2012 and the owners vanished. I arrived with my camera just before the vandals, who messed up everything. In 2019 the bulldozers stepped in to end the story.

Adventure Park Peukkula, Jyväskylä (2019)

Opened in the late 1990’s, the adventure park attracted up to 30 000 visitors a year. It was closed down in 2015 and decay came quickly.

Ruins of Soso Station, Muhos (2019)

Foundations covered in plants is all that is left from a rural railway station in the middle of nowhere. The station manager and his family were bludgeoned to death with a hammer during a robbery in the 1950’s.

Petrol Station, Grankulla (2020)

Built in the 70’s or 80’s, this petrol station originally wore Esso colours. Between 2007 and 2010 it became a ST1. Abandoned for years it was demolished later in 2020.

Service Station (2020)

Opened in 1991 this service station has hosted many different businesses. It closed down for good early in 2010 and despite numerous plans it’s been quiet ever since.

Hotel Varsavuori, Mikkeli (2020)

A hotel built just outside a regional centre on the shores of Lake Saimaa in 1974. In its first decades it was the main party hub of the town, but this ended way back in 1990. After a few years as a refugee centre, hotel activity was attempted by several actors. They all failed, the place closed down and was demolished in 2022.

Kirkkoharju Sightseeing Tower, Kangasala (2020)

A sightseeing tower with a small café built in the 1930’s. The café remains closed, but a new one has been constructed next to the tower, which is once again open.

Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park, Keuruu (2020)

A steam locomotive park founded in 1988 near a formerly important railway station. It’s nowadays a popular tourist attraction.

Haapamäki Railway Depot, Keuruu (2020)

An old railway depot nowadays used by two railway heritage organizations, who allowed a visit. The area featured lots of interesting cars and locomotives from the past including the last surviving examples of the DM9 ‘Porkkana’ express train.

Camping Site (2020)

A campground, which enjoyed its greatest years in the 1970’s and 1980’s, when even a ferry line ran there from a nearby town. The company running the place went bankrupt in 2012 and the area is waiting for development. The two buildings photographed have since been demolished.

Shell Service Station, Lusi (2020)

A former Shell service station built in 1964 and closed around 2000. After that it had other uses until finally being abandoned around 2017 or 2018.

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