Torinvarsi School, Hamina (2011)

The largest school and a local landmark in a small town, it had fallen into bad shape. Loads of educational history had been left behind, when teaching ended in 2005. The building was partly demolished in 2012.

Lohipato School, Oulu (2012)

A former school for children with special needs was last used by different small companies and organizations. It was abandoned because of a huge water leak. The building was demolished in 2013.

Workers’ Institute (2014)

Built in the 1950’s to combat communism, things still looked good 30 years later. In 2002 the academy moved away and the place was abandoned in 2010.

Workers’ Institute (2016)

Another visit to the workers’ institute already photographed in 2014. This time we explored the upper floors of the main building and all the three annexes from different eras.

The Cursed School (2017)

This former school in the suburbs of a small industrial town had been a beautiful building. Years of neglect had done no good, and the walls were full of menacing messages.

Lassinkallio School, Oulu (2018)

A former school, which served its last years as a workers’ institute. The building was demolished in 2018.

Workers’ Institute (2019)

A workers’ institute visited previously in 2014, 2016 and 2017. This gallery features photos from one of the four buildings. Demolition started in 2020.

Vocational School, Porvoo (2020)

The demolition site of a former Swedish speaking vocational school. The first buildings had been built in the 1950’s and the place had educated several generations before its closure.

Teacher Seminar (2020)

A former seminar, where teachers were educated between the late 19th century and the early 1970’s. Became a facility for giving additional training to teachers before being sold to a Chinese company, who wanted to start an education business. Nothing came out of it and the valuable buildings have been idle for years.

Secondary School (2020)

A school building built in the late 1950’s and abandoned in the 2000’s or 2010’s with very little history available about it.

Haapamäki Elementary School, Keuruu (2020)

Built in 1956, this tiny school educated pupils all the way until 2014. That was when the village had gotten so small, that all pupils were moved to one school and this one was abandoned.

Vantaankoski School, Vantaa (2020)

A former elementary school built in the mid 50’s, enlarged in the early 60’s and abandoned in 2019. This gallery covers a small barrack and the original school built in the 1950’s known as the Language House.

Elementary School (2020)

A school built in the 1920’s and enlarged in the 1960’s. Air quality problems had moved the pupils to temporary barracks a year earlier. The 1960’s part was waiting for demolition.

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