Valkolinna, Vaasa (2009)

A building by a famous architect originally built for the Finnish white guard turned first into an abattoir and then a storage for a construction company before being abandoned and demolished in 2009 and 2018.

The Place Where My Nightmares Were Made (2010)

A classy old abattoir in a small Finnish village. The last animals were slaughtered years ago, and now the place houses lots of surprises.

Martinniemi Planing Mill and Power Plant, Haukipudas (2011)

Formerly these buildings were part of a complex employing a whole village. They had been vacant and vandalized for decades. The planing mill was demolished later in 2011 and the power plant in 2017.

Mail Truck Depot, Oulu (2016)

Built in the early 60’s for storing and maintaining vehicles of the national mail company, it had hosted small businesses for years. One by one they moved away and demolition started in 2016.

Brewery (2016)

Founded in the 19th century, the brewery closed down in late 1970’s. The rumour had it, that all machinery was still there ready for the restart which never happened. Most of it was demolished in 2019, but the building explored still partially stands.

K. E. Nyman Element Factory, Vaasa (2017)

The old factory of a regionally important construction company was shut down in 1993 after a bankrupcy. It sat idle for 26 years before being demolished and replaced by a supermarket.

The Quarry (2019)

An old quarry, which apparently operated between the 1980’s and 1990’s, is now a popular swimming place although the mining company tries to keep people away.

Flour Mill (2020)

A former flour mill built originally in 1918 and enlarged during the years. Abandoned after a bankrupcy in 1992. The newer annexes were demolished in the 90’s, but the original part got protection status and has stood empty ever since.

Kymintehdas Area, Kuusankoski (2020)

The former paper and pulp mill was first opened in the late 19th century and closed down gradually by early 2000’s. Most of the buildings have found new use.

Dairy Plant (2020)

Built in the early 1950’s this dairy plant was once famous for being the biggest cheese dairy in Finland and its Emmental cheese. Shut down in 1989, it was still in use in 2011 being abandoned at an unknown time later.

Mätäsvaara Mining Village, Lieksa (2020)

A small village born in the middle of nowhere in the 1930’s as a molybdenum mine was founded. The mine closed in 1947 and despite still being inhabited, the sun is setting on this village.

Mätäsvaara Molybdenum Mine, Lieksa (2020)

A former molybdenum mine which last operated between 1940 and 1947. After closure a stage was built and the quarry has been used as a concert venue for the local music festival.

Old Mine, Outokumpu (2020)

An old copper mine built in the 1920’s and closed in 1954 when a more modern mining area was built. Since 1982 the area has housed a mining museum and is now a tourist attraction.

Caviar Factory (2020)

Originally a factory for operation room textiles, it was closed down in 2003. Several years later a sturgeon farm with the aim of making caviar was founded. Bankrupcy followed soon with debts of 14 million euros mainly to Russian creditors. The buildings have partially collapsed.

Dairy Plant (2020)

A dairy plant in a remote village built in the 1920’s and closed down in the 1970’s. Served since as a workshop and was probably abandoned in the 90’s after a renovation ended soon after beginning.

Match Factory (2020)

Built in the 1920’s as a match factory and closed down in 1929. Since then the building was used to manufacture textiles, wool and carpets and finally as a carpenter’s workshop. Several attempts to convert the property into loft apartments have failed and several fires have pretty much ruined the place.

Mystery Factory (2020)

An old factory with very little history available at this point.

Brick Factory (2020)

A brick factory built in the late 1940’s and closed decades ago. Now the site is a scrap heap featuring all kinds of metal junk you can imagine.

Fibre Factory (2020)

Constructed in the 1940’s, this huge factory complex was finally abandoned in 2013 after several ownership changes and bankrupcies. A constant demolition threat was hanging above it.

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