Businesses & Offices


Demolition of Kaleva Print, Oulu (2016)

A 1980’s printing house became useless, when modern technology made it possible to build a new one outside town. This gallery shows, how the building was torn down during the hot days of a summer.

Former Car and Furniture Store, Oulu (2016)

A 1960’s building where first cars and then furniture was sold. Became useless after a bankrupcy and was demolished in 2016 to make way for apartments.

Newspaper Kaleva, Oulu (2017)

The former office building of the largest newspaper in Northern Finland was abandoned in late 2017 and demolished in 2018. The photos have been shot just days after the last edition was made.

Demolition of Newspaper Kaleva, Oulu (2018)

The former offices of the largest newspaper in Northern Finland under demolition.

Business Street, Myllykoski (2020)

Technically not abandoned, these business premises are located by one street in the village of Myllykoski, Kouvola. When the pulp mill nearby was closed, everything else was closed, too.

Workers’ Co-operative (2020)

Dating to the 1940’s or 1950’s, this building was originally the home to a workers’ co-operative’s stores and restaurants. It later served as a bar and apartments until being abandoned in the early 2010’s.

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