House Of Colors Part II

Another look at the kitchen, where the choice of lamp is rather interesting.

In the cupboard were still some old conserve cans. They had been carefully cleaned for reuse, and thus revealed nothing about the favorite foods of the last inhabitant.

There was even toilet paper left, although the toilet was now unusable.

Another interesting choice of furniture as well as another food box carefully cleaned after use.

VHS cassettes and a keyboard from the 1980’s or 1990’s.

A rather surprising interior element.

Another kitchen picture giving perhaps a view, which shows the space a bit better than the previous ones.

The calendar is from 2008, but the last newspapers are from 2011. According to Google Maps there was still life in 2009. The bottle of vodka is probably from a later visitor.

In the living room the walls were yet of a new color. The entrance, which can clearly be seen in the first picture has been located in the corner. The target painted on the floor is a very unique interior feature I have never seen before. The last inhabitant has had a thing on Wild West.

Even the flowers have been left behind. The one by the window looks like it is still alive, so it’s probably plastic.

Here we have a yellow room with matching curtains. The Ouija board is handmade although very well so.

Even the other corner of the facade featured a strange wall layout meaning that the house has been symmetric from the front.

A graveyard of 1990’s monitors.

A closer look at the target, which indeed has been painted on the floor.

And one final look at the messy kitchen before going upstairs.

I think I was wrong. The upstairs may not have been a later addition after all, as the doors here are very old. It’s just the windows, which have been changed, which gives the place a more modern look.

The location of the house is very central. The main street and the market square can be seen through the window.

I didn’t examine the upstairs very thoroughly, as I was pretty unsure about the floor.

On my way out I spotted these really fast glasses. They would be in fashion again.

Here’s another look at the house from the other side. The door below the balcony has been the entrance to the upstairs apartments.

So much for this location then. The mystery remains.

Edit: I was contacted by a reader, who actually had some information about this location. It is a murder scene.

Back in the 1990’s the room with the target on the floor was a barbershop. The lady working there also lived upstairs with her adult daughter, who had moved back home because the lady’s former boyfriend was aggressive and threatening. In October 1995 the man arrived with a shotgun and shot the lady twice. He was arrested later that day and convicted for murder.

The house is known by the locals as ‘Whoosh Hotel’. Often people who lived in it had issues with substances in their life, and the police were a frequent visitor. There are rumours about another killing happening in the building aswell.

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2 thoughts on “House Of Colors Part II

  1. I am strangely fascinated by the picture of Chief Red Cloud on the wall. My late father was married to a famous artist named Yeffe Kimball, who famously painted pictures of Red Cloud. In fact, I have an original sketch of the famous painting by Yeffee hanging on my wall.

    Thanks for giving me a moment of absolute pause this morning. 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing this! It seems that your late father was quite famous himself, too!

      I actually need to update this article later today, when I return from a business trip. A local person contacted me and told me more about the location. A murder was committed there in the 1990’s, which makes this an even stranger place.

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