A Curse Is Cast

Here I am approaching a location I’ve spied on for quite some time. I read about it on another urbex website, but had to do quite a lot of digging to find it in the first place. It was located deep in the countryside far from any big villages but close to a railroad.

And there it is, a former brick factory. Closed down decades ago, I only knew that it was huge and featured a lot to find and explore.

In case you wonder, if there was a road leading to it, yes there was. But there was a one family house located in the junction of the road leading to the factory, which was a dead end. I didn’t want to be seen, so I decided to approach from the back.

It was a bad idea. From satellite views the ground looked plain and flat. There were fields, yes, but before reaching them you had to cross tall and sharp bushes, which tore cuts in my ankles, and large ditches filled with water flowing from the fields. This trip cost me a pair of brand new Cons.

Finally there but not without one final scare. It was a hot summer day and a lonely moose had decided to find a cool spot in the shadow of the huge building. My arrival scared it and it made a huge noise escaping. It managed to scare me too.

The place had been abandoned for decades and was so overgrown it was difficult to get around the buildings. I was still so shaken by the moose, I moved forward very carefully. Who knew, what would be behind the next corner.

I certainly didn’t expect this.

Nor this.

At first it had been impossible to move forward because of the vegetation. Now it was impossible because of the junk. But wait a second, isn’t that an old Morris Marina?

The entire yard of the building was full of broken cars. Some, like the Nissan and Volkswagen furthest away were from the eighties. But the Chrysler Voyager and the Ford Mondeo closer to the camera were from the late 1990’s meaning, that they might not have spent too long here.

It wasn’t just cars. All kinds of metal in all forms was stored on the lot.

It was clear from the start, that none of these machines would ever move again. I was pretty puzzled. Why would anybody gather such a collection and store it in a place like this.

The building itself looked majestic. I was just so startled by the moose and pretty unsure if the place was still in some use, that I decided against entering.

The place had a strange aura. As if somebody could come in any moment. I decided to return at a later date.

This was the first brick factory that I ever tried to explore, but not the last. I have since tried to enter at least ten of them, but have never managed to succeed in getting inside one single.

I call it my curse of brick factories.

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