Mystery Factory

On a very beautiful cape on the outskirts of a regional town I found this.

Clearly an old industrial building of some sort it was definitely abandoned. I decided to go and take a closer look.

Although it seemed closed, there was one door open. It was an invitation, right?

There was a way in and even a way upstairs. Everything was badly destroyed, there was lots of debris and unrelated thrash around the place. It was getting late, I was poorly equipped, and so I decided to just tour the building.

The complex was rather large. It had several doors and windows, but the place was tightly shut. There was no other way in, and I deemed the first open space very unsafe to enter.

I tried researching the history of the factory, but didn’t receive satisfactory results. No match this time.

But I placed it on my map of places where I should definitely return.

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