Very Old School

Another summer weekend, another tour in rural Finland. In a small municipality I stumbled upon this old building, which looked like a former school.

The architecture was from the late 1950’s, but apart from the usual schools from this era, this one was wooden, not made of bricks and concrete. It looked abandoned, so I decided to start a tour around it.

Despite the abandoned looks, this one had some strange features. The windows were covered with some sort of tinted plastic, something, which I had never seen before.

It was only when I got to the back doors, when I figured, that this building indeed was deserted. The vegetation was overgrown and plywood had been used to cover broken doors.

The sign above the door says secondary school. The wing to the left is probably the old gym. The wing to the right of this photo is the classroom wing.

I found several doors, but they were all locked. There’s even a new lock installed above the old one.

The classroom wing as seen from the gym wing door.

The only space accessible was this small one in the basement. There wasn’t much to see there, though.

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