Mining Village Grocery Store

This already seems like a too familiar story, but let’s tell it all over again. In 1948 a copper mine was founded in a very small village of a very small municipality. In addition to a mine, the company built an enrichment plant, two very spectacular blocks of flats and other infrastructure in a location, where asphalted roads still haven’t reached today.

The mine was closed down in 1961. After that the enrichment plant was still used to service a mine a few kilometres away, but that, too, was closed in the 1970’s. Since then it has been pretty quiet.

I knew about the mine and about the block of flats. They had been used as an example of homes, which are in financial trouble because of their high renovation costs compared to lack of value.

But I also found the former grocery store of the village.

Which is here. Definitely closed for good, definitely with no good use. But as one of my core principles is to never break anything to get in, I’ll just add this location to my list of future targets.

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