Not For Everybody – Actually For Nobody Part III

The next room I found was a large auditorium. Probably used by the surgical textile factory to entertain foreign visitors and state guests.

Somehow this is just a blast from the past: a remote factory with a large room entirely dedicated to visitors.

This large room probably used to be the factory canteen.

The plastic floor is slowly bubbling loose, which is another feature I’ve seen before. The glue probably contains asbestos, but the ventilation is very good.

And that is because there are no intact windows.

A lonely green chair straight from the main entrance. Very photogenic, thank you!

This area of the building was very difficult to access, thanks to all the mess on the floors. It just gets worse, I promise.

This area actually looks like some renovations have started. Perhaps because of the caviar factory’s needs.

Another, closer look at the smashed main entrance.

There was a lot of styrofoam packaging in this part of the building.

A former office room with very little left to say about.

I finally found a walkable corridor in the office wing.

More styrofoam and very old sugar crackers.

And fully destroyed office rooms. The destruction was such, that there really was no point in trying to figure out, who had sat in this office.

The former server and copy room. The copier was actually a pretty valuable thing back then. It’s a shame, nobody rescued it.

I would pretty much call this a total destruction.

There wasn’t much to see in the other offices either.

A sticker of the caviar company. Still not for everybody.

The corridor towards the canteen also featured the toilets. Notice the lonely green chair back there.

Some old furniture probably from the days of the surgical textile factory has been left behind.

Ah, well, this place is just a mess. But the office wing had two floors, so next we’ll go up. And maybe after that we’ll find some traces of the sturgeons.

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