Not For Everybody – Actually For Nobody Part II

After visiting the caretaker’s house, my tour around the factory continued.

The backside was pretty much a wasteland with some loading bays.

There were even some burnt out cars parked there.

Don’t go, the writing says. Do you really think I would believe that?

As I assumed, the place was mainly about empty halls. No sign of the sturgeons yet.

There was litter all around the place. Whether it was from the era of the fish farm or the surgical textiles, I don’t know.

The light inside was good for photography. It came through the windows in the roof.

There was a lot of random stuff, the use of which was pretty much unknown to me.

Another hall view.

And another one. There was lots of water on the floor, which was very slippery. The roof was leaking by a lot in several places.

An old forklift was left in the hall. Somebody had written the order to buy it away. Even if I wanted, I doubt, who would have accepted the payment.

The gamma conveyor sounds a bit like sci-fi to me.

The walls would be perfect for graffiti. The skills of the local youth were, however, not that impressive.

Buy a good Mercedes, they say. Well, I’ll stick with my Volvos.

A dark corridor leading to yet another large hall.

And another dark corridor. I have to hand it to the people making the tags. Although I have no sympathy for nazis, the transformation of the original welcome to hell into welcome to heil is ingenious.

Yet another hall. This one is lower than the previous ones. They have probably had different uses, but all traces of what they were are long gone by now.

Stairs. And a tank. I doubt that one has housed sturgeons.

And we’re back in the high halls again.

Another lower room, another tank. It seems like this is getting boring.

Except, that it’s not. The ambience in the old factory was actually pretty fascinating. There was water dripping all over the place despite it being a very dry season.

And another hall. Surprised? I wasn’t.

This hall contained some wooden boxes. And a wall, which didn’t seem like it originally was a part of the building.

A strong statement: Get out, bitch!

And another hall. The water damage seems more significant here.

This one definitely wasn’t an original feature of the factory. Somebody in the village must be missing a bike now.

In the next post we’ll explore the office wing.

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