Not For Everybody – Actually For Nobody Part IV

Like I promised in the previous post, let’s go upstairs.

There was a large space with lockers. Perhaps it was a former dressing room.

And a corridor with some empty rooms. All in all the upstairs was pretty boring.

The back side again looked like production facilities. And the roof there had collapsed, so I had no interest in exploring further.

So I went downstairs to a yet unexplored part of the building, and there I finally found the sturgeon tanks. Only a small part of the facility had been converted to the fish farm. Apparently they had plans to make it larger later, as it aimed to be the third largest producer of caviar in the World.

Behind the room with the tanks was a collapsed room. The sign says no trespassing, but I think there is little chance that I’d do that.

Some more tanks. The room was full of them.

Another part of the building, where renovations apparently have started. And ended.

The final halls of the building were pretty cold and had contained the waste disposal containers of the plant.

There was a lot of thrash and construction waste there.

A final look a the final hall.

And back to the loading dock of the factory. The office wing is up front.

A look back at the hall with all the construction waste.

Somehow I found another door back towards yet another collapsed section of the factory.

I wonder if the pile is ash or coal meant for the power station of the building, which I never found. Nevertheless, it was time to go home now.

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