I Can Recall Being Here Part III

Welcome to the second floor. The entrance to the ward seems pretty much the same as the one a floor below.

Here there was also a lot more stuff like clothes and bedclothes. I believe, that there once was a plan to convert the place to house asylum seekers, but this hasn’t happened at least since 2015.

Another large lobby like room. Someone has set fire on papers on the floor, but luckily it hasn’t become anything.

Old beds piled in one corner.

An interesting plant and seychells mixing pattern on the wall. And speaking of patters, I love the floors of this hospital.

The corridor continues. The electrics of this floor of the building are housed on the right.

Another small room. The door was locked, but there had been a glass window on it, which wasn’t customary to this place.

A side stairway. But like I said, this era of architecture featured marking the stairways with large windows.

Someone has probably slept in this room at some point and stored their personal belongings in the drawer. The curtains are vintage, so is the bed cover.

The menu of a local pizzeria. I have erased the address and phone numbers to conceal the place.

Well this is a strange graffiti. It says God, Jesus and Gänni Maria. It’s written in Cyrillic letters, but has probably been made by Finns knowing the Russian alphabet.

This is too much for me. I don’t understand the alphabet well enough to interpret this. But this actually explains the spray cans featured earlier on.

I did mention the beautiful light earlier on. I think the blue pieces of broken glass are from a drinking glass. One of that color was at my grandparents, and it was my favorite.

One final post coming up.

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