I Can Recall Being Here Part IV

A rarity in this hospital: a small room, where there has been something wet and something glassy.

Well this one has a dual meaning. Stop, making food is underway or stop making food. You decide.

The second floor corridor looks pretty intact. Wait, what is that face?

Oh wait, it’s the young Meiju Suvas. Like I’ve said, the best thing about abandonments are strange and unexpected finds. Well this is one of them.

Someone has played badminton with a flower pot? In that case, where’s the flower pot?

Some indications, that this had indeed been a child protection facility once.

There were a lot of these old Meiju Suvas posters. And by a lot I mean a lot.

Another larger room with a balcony. As you can see, it was getting late and the evening sun was now drawing very dark shadows on the beautifully tiled floors.

Another corridor already explored. And now the time has come to leave.

A large paint bucket. Like in many abandoned places, it looks like someone has tried to start renovations, but the task has just been too much.

Another warning about the camera surveillance. Well, if you got a picture of me, I’ll sign it.

End of story.

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