I Can Recall Being Here Part II

The building was not just about a corridor or some rooms. There were some open spaces and larger lobbies on the side of it.

There were flower pattern boards painted on the walls of the corridor. These are probably original from the 1950’s, like I’ve pointed out in other mental asylums and school and education buildings.

This one has probably been an office room. The layout just hints at that somewhat.

There was a larger room by the corridor. Judging by the equipment in the room up front this had been the dining room.

There were smaller rooms also. It seems that the computer centre had been here.

The equipment in the old kitchen is still there. As is the original dumbwaiter of the hospital.

This is the part of the building beyond the main entrance. Originally it had been staff apartments, but at some point it had been renovated into offices.

The room had had a sink, which is still there. But the outlets in the wall indicated, that this, too, had been an office.

Another small room, which was connected to the adjacent one with a sliding door.

Another larger room. The board in the corner suggest that this had been some sort of a classroom.

Welcome to the main stairway.

This era of buildings always included highlighting the main stairway with large windows. This made stairways a very recognizable place. And this is why they are often protected and preserved, when buildings from this era are renovated for new uses.

It was also a very beautiful evening for photography. The light coming from the slowly setting sun also made the old mental asylum comfortable and warm.

In the following post I’ll start exploring the second floor.

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