Out Of Gas And Everything Else Too

Wait a second, this doesn’t seem like a gravel pit despite the sign saying so.

Oh no, the gravel pit is further at the back. This thing is something completely different.

Despite the welcome signs, I don’t think I’m a welcome visitor.

And I don’t think the security company has existed since 2016.

It doesn’t look like I’m going to get gas either.


Back there the smoking travellers could enjoy their vices.

The first signs of vandalism have appeared, but someone still cares enough for this place to fix their destruction.

Another welcome sign. So what is this place?

It’s a service station built way back in 1991. It’s mainly been a petrol station and a restaurant, but throughout the years a bakery, candy shop, flea market, gift store, florist, quad bike store, hairdresser and a games arcade have operated here.

Most of them were gone by the end of 2009, and in early 2010 even the bakery and petrol pumps were closed. Since then many new things have been planned but nothing has happened. It’s been ten years. I doubt that anything will ever happen.

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