A Chinese Affair Part XI

Finally, after a two hour long adventure, I reached the last stages of this crazy old mental asylum partly turned into a Chinese day spa.

At this stage it turned out, that ward one was indeed some kind of a spa of its own. I had already found a jacuzzi, and the tiled floors hinted, that these had been rooms, in which water was used.

There were rooms with plastic floors too, but there was no hint at what the rooms had been used for. Soon there would probably be no hint about where there had been rooms, if the walls kept on going down.

A tropical plant?

There was a lot of natural light coming to this part of the hospital.

Something has malfunctioned.

Another kitchen. There were especially many in the newest wing.

The large amount of natural light didn’t only come through the windows. In this part of the building there was also a sunroof.

And although I have given much criticism to this early 1990’s building, I have to say that this small lobby looks really good at least to my eye.

The newest wing also offered a wide variety of different kinds of curtains.

So now there is a dressing room looking place, which even has a small fireplace. It’s been cozy.

This reminds me of a cleaning closet or a laundry.

And then there was a shower room.

And the sauna with the stove which had a warning light. Thank God there was no assault this time.

Finally I got to the door, which I originally tried entering through. I had played through the entire mental asylum, almost.

I hadn’t found access to the low wing behind the old main building. It probably housed some rooms with technical equipment, the central heating system, the morgue and the chapel. I believe they were entered through the basement, which I never enter, as I find them more scary than fascinating.

This was the final picture I took from the hospital in its current form. In 2021 there was a massive fire in the attic of the old main building. It destroyed the roof and most of the top floor. The reason to the fire is suspected to be arson.

The city building officials immediately forbade the use of the building and entering it stating that it poses a hazard. Since the fire they have been trying to contact the owner, who has vanished. They are trying to give him a notice about an order to demolish the property.

In case they can’t find him, they have already started a procedure of demolishing the building and trying to make the owner pay for the costs. The fate of the hospital is sealed, yet it is still standing.

And recently there has been another strange turn of events. The hospital actually has two different owners. One owns the old main complex, the other one owns the 1990’s part nearest to the camera in the last picture. This means that the city has to start the demolition process all over again concerning the newest wing. Things are expected to take another year or two, so I might just aswell do another exploration.

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