A Chinese Affair Part X

The newest wing of the hospital began with a narrow corridor.

Water had found its way in from somewhere. Probably through the broken window to the left.

There weren’t too many entrances to the oldest part of the hospital, but they did make up for that here. What is this, the third? And I’m still on the same corridor.

The vase has found its way quite far from the area occupied by the Chinese. That hasn’t saved it.

Ward one. Interesting.

The architecture in this area was completely different from the other two wings reflecting a change in philosophy in mental health care. I wonder what the function of the doors on the radiator is.

The old main building and the exit blocked with the chairs featured earlier can be seen in the window.

The old computers have celebrated something.

I mentioned earlier, that the new part of the building had suffered less vandalism than the older ones. Well, this wasn’t the case. Apparently the walls in the old building were so well built they couldn’t be broken, that the lust for destruction had to be thrown at the windows. Here the walls are practically paper, so the windows have stayed intact.

Ward one also seemed to be lots more luxurious than for example ward five.

I am actually finding it a bit hard to imagine what this ward was used for. My guess is physioterapy, but again I’m just guessing.

The overall look in the rooms was as grey as the building was from outside.

Even on this side the kitchens are original. They are however 30 years newer than in the old main building.

The small room with the glass windows was used by the staff. Probably they were supervising the ward from here.

The titles of the lamps are ‘stove’ and ‘assault’. Are there no other options?

With my adventures already having advanced to the last wing of the building, there’s one more part to go.

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