A Chinese Affair Part VII

Old main building, floor two, room one.

Wall paintings like these can be found in schools and other public buildins from the 1950’s and early 1960’s. They indicate, that indeed no major renovations had been made.

Another messed up office with the small white things appearing again. Still wonder what they are.

The photo is as messy as is the room.

The main stairway and a lobby on the second floor. The white capsules are a more common sight in this end of the building.

In fact this end of the building was where they seemed to originate from. I have no other interpretation to there origins than that they are crushed medicine capsules. This, however, raises more questions than gives answers: has somebody spent large amounts of time here doing drugs or has somebody found the medicine closet of the old hospital. And if the answer is the latter, have they just crushed the capsules or have they tried what effects they may have?


Renovations have started in this part of the building. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that the brown stuff is glue and as the carpet is original, that glue surely contains asbestos.

The law changed in 2016, and made an asbestos mapping mandatory before renovating a building built before asbestos was banned in 1994. This law was not in force back when the plastic floor was ripped off and if the person doing that wasn’t wearing protection, they were exposed to the hazardous dust.

In the end of the building above the main lobby was a large space. And this is where the capsule population originates from.

I mean the floor is littered with them.

I think this might have been a public common room or something. The brick wall not seen anywhere else in this building hints at that.

The second corridor on the second floor started with 50 shades of dark green.

Fancy a vintage monitor?

A random installation of chairs.

And something, which strongly reminds me of a casting couch.

A small kitchen, which surprisingly isn’t green. It’s vintage, though.

And something, which probably is a large cleaning closet. These auxiliary spaces were located between the two corridors in the building and were accessible from both sides. This is a very common feature in the old hospital buildings I’ve explored.

Two floors done, one to go. Up next: the third one.

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