A Chinese Affair Part VI

A closer look at the narrow metallic shelves, the use of which I have wondered so many times before. The only thing I can think of is, that there has been an archive room somewhere in the building and these have been brought out from there.

A look back towards the main entrance, which is far left. There was no other way to dive deeper into the old main building than the one I was about to take now.

At the end of the lobby filled with shelves was the main stairway. And behind it a corridor with some rooms. Like so often on those adventures, where I get the chance to thoroughly explore a building, I will start from the bottom, wing by wing, and go all the way to the top (and beyond).

Here’s a look at the corridor. There are more shelves here and also another entrance to the lobby, which I earlier missed, as the large Chinese piece of art was blocking it. There has probably been a reason for wanting to divert the tourists to the 1970’s wing instead of this one, and you will soon learn, why.

But before we get to the reason, we take another look at the main staircase. Please note the strange white things on the floor.

And then we enter the corridor, where the doors are seemingly original. There’s even a sign, which has previously directed tourists to the welfare centre. It has probably been somewhere outside.

And here is the probable reason, why the Chinese have decided to use the 1970’s wing first. The colour and the style of the cupboards indicate, that they are original from 1962 and have never ever been changed. So this room has been reduced to a storage of about everything random you can imagine.

Here’s another room. Even this part of the building was H-shaped with two corridors running through it.

There were also office spaces here and despite the occasional Chinese paintings, it seemed to me, that in fact not much renovations had ever been done to any of the buildings of the hospital before the Chinese owners came and did a minor facelift.

This was also a rather strange find: a closet full of numbered keys. I don’t think the place had almost 200 rooms, so I believe these are for employer lockers.

Especially as there were hundreds of more. If you look closely, you can see that there’s one different key, the kind of which was usually used for building entrance doors.

The so familiar press to enter -board seen in many old hospitals and schools.

More old hospital era office desks. And more random things.

A very old machine probably used for cleaning.

A large plastic something and something, which looks like a sun chair.

First it mimicked Ming, then came ka-ching.

Either that is the lid to the broken vase or there’s a very old dinner underneath it.

There were stairs in both ends of the building. This came in handy, as the main stairway in the other end was blocked by surprise, surprise, random stuff.

Next to the stairs was a collection of vintage chairs blocking an exit. and behind it you can see a porch with an entrance to the 1990’s built wing.

But before we get there, storeys two and three are still to explore. And we’ll go one up in the next post.

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