A Chinese Affair Part VIII

A view from the third floor balcony. And this one made me quite sad. The surrounding nature was beautiful and actually the two older hospital buildings were nice and well designed, too.

Right next to the balcony and the beautiful view were the isolation rooms. Quite a contrast.

They had thick metal doors, apparently bulletproof glass and about that’s it. Even the floor material is different from the rest of the building, light grey.

The third floor corridor seemed completely untouched. The Chinese influence hasn’t reached this high up.

Although basically the same layout as the previous two floors, there were slight difference in the use of rooms.

I didn’t for example find patient toilets on other floors. Or if I did, I didn’t photograph them. Once again the light green finish just screams “I’m from the 60’s”.

I have some suspicions, that some of the keys I found earlier go to these lockers.

One of the classic office clock variations so often seen in Finnish public buildings.

The bathroom has been redone some decades ago. The work hasn’t been done very well, as the floor is nowhere near straight. The water near the floor well seems to have come through the roof vent.

Near the end of the corridors was a small lobby with beautiful sky blue paint and a glass tiled wall.

Here’s yet another look to the other side. As you can see, the building is pretty narrow. Behind me is another similar room as seen opposite.

That room contained a fridge and lots of closets with glass shelves. As it doesn’t seems to be a kitchen, I have only one guess: the medicine storage room. It’s right above the area most contaminated with the capsule remains.

Right next to the room with closets was another big common room like room. There were loads and loads of capsules all over the place along with brochures of the Chinese company once operating there.

At the end of the corridors was yet another large common room style room.

In one corner of the third floor was a small room with an elevator and lots of ventilation pipes. I hadn’t noticed that elevator anywhere on the other two floors.

On the floor of the common room was a large sheet promoting the welfare centre. My guess is, that it had been hanging on a wall somewhere in the nearby town, as it included the address of the place.

The light reveals, how scratched and worn the floor is. And it’s really no wonder. It did carry footsteps of 44 years of daily use.

Go home, tub, u drunk.

So just one corridor left of the original main building. Stay tuned.

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