A Chinese Affair Part V

Upstairs I found a small room with a windowed wall towards the lobby. This must have been used by the staff of the hospital.

This is probably closest to finding myself from an abandoned building. I used to work for a sister newspaper of this one back in the summer of 2011, and we exchanged articles with them. I spent a good half an hour flipping through old papers trying to find an article of mine, but had to retrurn empty handed.

Through the windows visible were the coats of arms of the municipalities, which formed the district, which ran the hospital. They are made of small ceramic tiles each, and probably by hand. They are fitted in the wall of the original hospital building, so they are probably an original feature.

The story continued upstairs where it had ended downstairs. Storage rooms.

The can on the floor indicates, that people spend their time here. But what is that on the right?

Oh, just an anatomy lesson in Chinese. I’m not the least bit surprised anymore.

Amid all the destruction a bunch of artificial flowers still survives.

I’m not 100 percent sure any more where I’m heading now, but my guess is it’s the other corridor on the second floor.

Never mind, the old theme of randomness continues.

The Oriental touch was present about everywhere.

In addition to that all the technical drawings of the hospital had found their way here. Apart from those thrown around the adjacent room, of course.

Seems good fun throwing things from the upper floors to the basement. By the way, I really like the composition of this pic.

And after an image of an old office desk with bills and stuff…

…we’re back where we started from, the lobby, which was a surprisingly large L-shaped space. The entrance is to the left and the rows of different kinds of shelves occupied the whole space.

This also means that we’ve now explored the 1970’s part of the building and will now enter the original 1960’s part. The fact that I spent five posts on the first one perhaps best reflects the sheer size of this place.

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