A Chinese Affair Part IV

The red door let to a corridor with more messy rooms. They contained the same stuff as the previous ones: chinese paintings, chairs and tables.

There seemed to be absolutely no logic in how the furniture was stored. When exiting one room you could never know what would be in the next one.

In this room there only was a table.

A closer look at the wallpaper. I will still continue my criticisim towards the interior designer of this place. The colours and patterns don’t match at all.

Here we have another room of assorted goods.

I’ve seen this in several buildings I’ve visited. I don’t see the point, though.

The stuff just gets even more random here.

Another balcony. There seemed to be one in about every corner of the building.

Back to the restaurant before heading back to the second corridor of the first wing.

There was quite a storage of scarf looking pieces of fabric, which apparently were promoting co-operation between Northern Europe and an agricultural industrial park in China.

So they bought even new tv:s for the rooms. Wonder, where they are now.

The funny thing here is, that there was a lot of furniture, but very few of the rooms looked like they actually were in use. Most of them were just for storing different things.

Of course it is possible, that some of the unauthorized visitors have piled the furniture on top of each other. But that’s highly unlikely, as things aren’t exactly broken. I mean, when people move things around in places like this, they usually don’t do it very kindly.

Some of the doors were locked, and thus the rooms were inaccessible for me.

This room then again looked like it had been used for accommodation. But these rooms were scattered everywhere and weren’t in one wing or even next to each other.

The last inhabitant had requested a few extra covers.

So I’ve reached the end of the corridor. The restaurant can be seen in the background.

I strongly believe, that the red paint has been applied after the hospital years. But let’s go upstairs, then.

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