A Chinese Affair Part III

The first find was a connecting corridor to the second corridor in this wing. It was like H-shaped with one row of rooms on both sides and one row of rooms in the middle.

In the first room were chopsticks, china and something, which looked a little like my school desk years back. Notice the painting on the wall. There will be many and they will all be different.

Beds. Like I’ve mentioned once, in addition to my desire to find a newspaper article written by myself, I have the wish to have sex in an abandoned building some day. Still waiting for the right company, though

Another connector to the other corridor.

More beds. Let’s just say that this place would have provided a good deal of opportunities to fulfill my ideas.

This thing seems a bit lost. The amount of pairless shoes found in abandoned buildings really is amazing.

This scene really puzzles me again. I mean it looks like a recently renovated hotel room, but all the plastic floor, furniture, electric outlets and light switches seem to be decades old. I’m not sure anymore if anything here is real or retro.

If renovated, the quality of the finish doesn’t seem too good, though.

In the end of the corridor were two large balconies, which were also connected.

And on the wall of the corridor I found this. Let’s take a closer look.

Now the thing I wonder is who would answer if I actually called the Soviet Union.

Back in the lobby. The kitchen was between the canteen and another space, which seemed like a restaurant. Everything has been left on the tables. It looks like people have just left after dinner and never returned.

The other corridor also looks interesting, but before that let’s have a look at the restaurantish looking space.

Which is this one. And now that I look at the place, they must have renovated it somehow since the hospital times. They have stayed extremely loyal to the 1970’s, I must say.

This was also the closest so far of getting caught while urbexing. When I reached this doorway, a car drove past the windows, went around the parking lot and drove away. If they looked, they must have seen me, although I dived behind the counter quite quickly.

Another look at the space. What the idea here has been, I have no idea about.

But like I said, it looked like a small restaurant to me. Note the lamps.

The wallpaper is different on all the walls, which gives a rather restless impression.

So much for the restaurant. Behind the red doors seen in that area was another corridor.

But lets leave that to another post.

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3 thoughts on “A Chinese Affair Part III

  1. “I have the wish to have sex in an abandoned building some day.”

    I’m an intersex lesbian (genetically female/XX) and my wife would be totally fine with me doing this. Also, I know of a few abandoned hotels that still have furniture. This has been a goal of mine for awhile as well. Let me know. 😉

    1. Haha! Lets’s see which one of us manages to do this first 😉

      Having been single for most of my adult life, I think your chances are far better!

      1. You may be right, considering that my wife and I are fine if one of us goes and has sex with one of our female friends. Challenge accepted! Lol. 😉

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