A Chinese Affair Part II

At the end of the last post we were left walking a red carpet into a former mental asylum turned into a some sort of a Chinese day spa.

What greeted unauthorized visitors in the hall was a work of Chinese art now destroyed.

There was also a large reception desk, which to me looks like it has been a part of the furniture ever since the very beginning.

The lobby also contained quite a lot of shelves, both made of glass and looking more like displays, and metallic ones looking like they were meant just for storing things.

We’ll get to the shelves later. I decided to start my exploration from the grey 1970’s wing.

The first rooms looked like offices. Now keep in mind that there were lots of rooms in this building, and I didn’t really explore them very thorougly. I still had places to go to that evening.

The second room was a differently arranged office.

As was the third one. By now I was expecting yet another office to be in the following room.

But nope. This room was a mirror image of the first one and it had served as a sheet storage.

The first hint of actual renovations in the building. This one looked like a cafeteria or something. All other areas of the building had plastic floor except for this one.

The bathroom was in a pretty original shape. I believe that the building would have needed its electrics, water pipes and sewage system redone. And that is a hugely expensive operation.

I believe that the door and the wooden counter are original features of the building, but the Chinese vases in pieces all over the place aren’t.

For one reason or another, the floor was covered in pins. I removed several of them from my shoe bottoms later that day.

The Chinese wallpaper was definitely not an original feature of the hospital building, though. This was a common theme in the 1970’s part of the building. Some very superficial renovations had been made, but largely the building was still the old hospital not very comfy for a place of accommodation.

Behind the counter was this display. The place had surprisingly lots of display space and shelves for a hospital.

Another feature added by the latest owners of the building. The elevator door has gotten a nice new surface and has been blocked with flowers.

The elevator was located next to a stairway. And so it was time to go deeper into the building.

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