Let’s Go Back to the Beginning

After sitting at home for a month because of the pandemic, I was now free to go wherever I wanted because of my new summer car. I still hadn’t found a masterplan for the summer, but I did decide to start by going out on a May Day tour.

My friend had promised that I could use his parking lot a bit outside town for the whole summer. The day was nice and I still wanted to test my car a bit before starting longer journeys, so I took a long detour around the area.

I soon noticed road signs leading to Keimola, which had been one of my first urbex adventures. In 2008 I and some friends had gone there looking for an old racetrack, which had vanished in the late 1970’s. The link reveals that we found it. Back then I didn’t even know, what urbex was.

I was curious to see, what had happened in the area since my previous visit, as almost 12 years had passed. It had become unrecognizeable.

There were of course references to the past of the area, but really the only recognizeable thing left in the area was the old tower, which had become a piece of art. There’s a photo in the link above, which has been taken almost exactly from the same spot. It shows the change really, really well.

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