An Institute Beyond Recognition Part II

Even the stairway had gotten a large graffiti. We would eventually go upstairs, but not quite yet. First we would explore the ground floor – or the section of the ground floor which was slightly above the entrance level.

There wasn’t much to see here. The windows had been shut by plywood since my previous visit and the few items of furniture there had been had largely been destroyed.

And like the previous time most of the rooms were just empty.

The many layers of paint were coming off. The walls seem to have been at least yellow and pink in their previous life.

The last time I was here the whiteboard was still on the wall, if I recall correctly.

The balcony door had been sealed shut, but this did little to prevent unauthorized visitors, as the main door was wide open.

Another one of my window shots. The roof visible here is an annex, which has been added later to the 1950’s building.

This hasn’t been a very healthy solution of vandals. The insulation in old buildings is known to contain asbestos, but the urge to destroy has overtaken safety.

First Time Explorer in Red Hat, (c) Deserted Finland, 2019.

There wasn’t probably a single intact window left in the whole building complex including the annexes.

A look back towards the main entrance and the burned classroom.

One last look downstairs…

And then we’ll she what has changed upstairs.

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