An Institute Beyond Recognition Part I

As the third location of our tour I took my friends to the abandoned workers’ institute I had photographed in 2014, 2016 and 2017 and where I had also taken a dancer for the experimental photo shoot, which really killed my interest towards photography.

Two years had passed, and since then things had changed. Back in the days the place seemed like somebody was at least trying to take care of gardening, now the yard was really overgrown and narrow paths went through tall grass, bushes and trees.

We approached the place from the back and set our course towards the first of the two annexes.

This wall was blank the last time I photographed it. Now there was a huge graffiti on it.

Paint had peeled of the walls and there was much more debris around. Even the roof had gotten a black glazing.

The reason for the black glazing was, that the large classroom downstairs had suffered a fire. There was certainly no more electricity in this building, so somebody must have lit it on purpose.

Almost every wall was now covered in large graffiti. Most of the windows had been boarded shut.

I have previously stated that the building looks wooden from the outside. This confirms its true nature. It’s a brick building.

The fire seems to have caused some damage, but only on one wall. I believe, it was this incident. The news is about a fire on the ground floor of the building in 2018.

The new piece looks much better than the ones it covers.

Need to say no more.

To be continued.

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