Workers of the Village, Disperse Part II

Upstairs we went then. Most of it was cold space, which had served as a storage. here some construction materials and long benches, presumably from the main assembly hall, were stored.

In this darker corridor, windows were stored. There might have been another room on the other side of the building, but we felt it unsafe to go further. The floor boards were missing and the sawdust used as insulation was visible, and a drop through the floor wasn’t really a nice option.

The only room accessible contained a kitchen counter, some furniture and a handloom, which surprisingly was intact.

Again there was one of the long benches this time with some clothes on it. The chairs from downstairs were also stored here.

One corner of the room contained old coat racks.

A closer look at the handloom. Those are valuable nowadays.

As you can see, new housing had been built fairly close to the old workers’ house.

The clothing was red, which was suitable for the building’s history.

Perhaps these jackets had been used by the cloakroom staff during the house’s heyday.

Another window shot, not one of my best, though. There was a container standing on the yard.

A closer look at the new houses nearby through another window. The cars in front of their garage were pretty new. This was not the neighbourhood for the poor.

Some more windows stored here. Somebody’s taken the effort to smash them, too.

The table would be nice given a good sand blasting and a repaint.

Somebody has played with eggs. The dark yellow tone is an indication that they mess was no longer fresh.

One last look at the main hall from the scene.

And another from our point of entry. At first we thought about exiting the same way we came in, but as we had managed to explore the house unnoticed, we just decided to walk out through the front door.

It wasn’t very difficult to get out unnoticed.

And one last look at the house. It was demolished in the spring of 2020.

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