Children Are Healthy When They Play Part III

The main attraction was indeed a castle. And like the kiosk featured in an earlier post, this one was also made of real stone.

The castle had attracted all kinds of visitors, some of which hadn’t been nearly as kind as we were. It had definitely seen better days.

I don’t know, who’s behind these, but they are rather well made. And I think I’ve ran into their work elsewhere, too.

The insides of the castle were rather dark and difficult to photograph. I was still only armed with my phone, as one and a half years had passed since I had retired my camera.

There were even darker spaces in the back of the castle.

And in one of them was a classic wood-heated stove. I mean what did they do in here back in the place’s heyday, throw pancake parties?

As well as using real rocks to build the castle, real bricks were used for the details, too.

Sponge, u okay?

Clearly Sponge is not okay. Neither seem to be the two creatures he’s holding hostage.

I did earlier speak about the heyday of this place. Well back then there were around 30 000 visitors annually, which is quite a lot.

A look towards the castle’s tower.

Of course we’re going to go have a look what’s up there. But that will come in the final post from this location.

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