Children Are Healthy When They Play Part IV

The castle had really been popular among painters. The world at the top was especially bright and featured rather large pieces.

The light to the castle came via four small windows on top of the tower. And the place looked much smaller from here than from ground level.

Originally the castle was called the Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Now it was the hamsters’ castle.

The castle also featured towers in the corners.

More hamsters.

Only three corners of the castle were equipped with a tower. The fourth one had stairs.

A look back downstairs. Even the higher wall had originally had a similar top tp the lower one. The bricks had been torn away by vandals.

The stairs were in an awful condition, and it took a lot of effort to get up and back down.

Next we found a wishing well, which was long since dry and growing weed. But we had finished the wine by now, and its dryness didn’t bother us at all.

We threw in some money and made a wish. Can’t remember what it was, though.

Next we proceeded to write a letter. We told that we had been friends for 14 years and were celebrating it with an adventure. We wrote my number down in the end and asked the people who find our letter to send us the story of how they found it.

We left the letter to the top of the castle expecting other urban explorers to find it. We then took a bet if I could run to the top of the tower in one minute (very clever considering the state of the stairs), took a biking competition back to the city centre, and went to a bar.

I had forgotten all about this letter, when I received a call from two girls, who sounded no older than primary school. They wanted to call to tell that they found it. They called again and asked for my age. When I said I was 30, they hung up and I never heard of them again.

We never really thought, that kids that young would end up in places like this, but in hindsight, of course they do. Because of constant vandalism and safety threaths, the castle and also some other structures in the park were demolished in the summer of 2020 according to media reports.

Some buildings remain, some have even found new use again according to media reports.

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