Children Are Healthy When They Play Part II

This had been one of the main attractions, the home of Hilarius Hiiri (Hilarius the Mouse). He was a fictional character developed to teach children good Christian values like respecting other people. He moved away five years before the park’s closure.

The park was located in a very strange corner of wasteland between tower blocks, one family houses, large motorways and a power plant.

While the place was a bit difficult to get through at times, it was beautiful.

We then moved to the other side of the underpass, where the outdoor adventure park was located. The roses have had the chance to take over the place.

And here we have the next attraction. Called kroko, it was some sort of an adventure track.

The first obstacle we faced, was this net. Of course you could be boring and take the side path, but that was not for us.

Then there was a liana and a net of ropes attached to the ground. The liana did still withstand the weight of me and my friend, when we tested it.

When we had cleared the maze, there was another uphill climb through this chute.

The final obstacle was a pipe. I did enter it really carefully, as I didn’t know what would be on the other side. Turns out that there was so much friction, that I had to constantly push myself forward to move. There was also a lot of dust, which messed up my shorts.

On the other side they forbade us from using the track for safety reasons. I think they would have better served us by placing this by the entrance and not by the exit.

The playground behind the gym building seemed perfectly fit for playing, although it was longing for a gardener.

Wait, there is a castle?

To be continued.

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