Windy City Tour

No roadtrip, no summer. At least that’s how I think, and luckily I have like minded friends. We packed our bags and headed towards their hometown, toured a few churches and other must to see -places. Of course I had told them what I was interested about and of course they agreed to join me. I had one specific location in mind, but first I allowed them to show me theirs. Mine was to be the sugar in the bottom.

At first they took me to an island a little north of the city centre. There was a big power plant nearby, and originally the workers had lived on the island. The city had developed, the need for workforce had declined. Eventually most of the place was now a middle class residential area. A few remnants of the past still remained, inaccessible.

Our next stop was in the city centre by a 1960’s brick school. The story was the usual. The building was in need of renovations, inside air quality was bad. The city was shrinking so there was actually the need for less schools than more, and the ones that weren’t economical to renovate, were abandoned, sold or demolished.

This one was destined for the excavator, but the museum opposed. The place was a protected landmark, and as the authorities kept on arguing, vandals slowly took over and windows were replaced by wooden plates.

A short walkaround revealed no gaps in the protection apart from a small opening in the form of a basement window. It was too dark and we were too poorly equipped. And we were right not to go. Judging by the sounds we soon heard, there was someone inside contiuning the destruction.

Up next: our main target of this exploration.

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