Little Stubs of Details from the Workers’ Institute

Okay, this story is getting familiar already. Another friend of mine saw my pictures and heard my stories about my urbex hobby and asked, if she could accompany me. I had a terrible crush on her, so of course I said yes.

As there was nothing new abandoned in our town, we took to the ordinary locations, the old workers’ institute which was getting messier and messier by the day and the old power plant in Martinniemi still standing. I didn’t bother to take many pictures, as I had roamed through these halls so many times. But I did notice some funny details I wanted to record.

Apparently the local youth had thrown a Christmas and an Easter party since my last visit, as these were new additions in one of the annex buildings.

This was also a new addition. They talk about rhyming, and that one actually works quite well.

There was something so symbolic about this. The world’s history books had been ripped and thrown on the floor, where they lay in the middle of smashed glass. I hope this was no prediction.

And last, but not least, one of the funniest wordplays I’ve seen in a while. It originally said “Don’t switch, men at work”. Now it reads “Don’t cry, men in night.”

The day was nice, the love story didn’t develop. But I’ll give you a small glimpse of what the future will hold:

This still wasn’t my last trip to these two locations.

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