Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XVII

The place really seemed to be the home of long lost jackets.

Paint had fallen off the roof on the upper floors, and everything was covered in this white dust.

This common room was one of the few on the boys’ side to have art on the walls.

Something in that colorful pattern pleases me.

This floor was red.

And of course it meant that all the cupboard doors were red too.

Basically they were all the same again in every room.

Another interesting find in one of the dorm rooms.

Another mess.

More sold stuff.

I told you I liked the pattern.

The last red room, I promise.

The door up front is the one to the attic of the old dormitory. There’s one more floor left to explore on the new side.

The view from the top wasn’t really that bad. The cranes in the horizon are building a large mall on the spot of two of the buildings featured in this post.

A small top floor room with cleaning equipment and a laundry basket.

People in Oulu are really crazy about hockey. It’s a miracle there wasn’t more memorabilia in the building.

An orange floor here?

The walls are bubbling. A strange effect.

Yup. Orange it is. And the most luxurious piece of furniture found in the entire building.

We’ve pretty much seen this, haven’t we.

But in case you missed it, the rooms in the building were like this.

Most of the dorm rooms were locked. The ones which weren’t were broken into.

This is the last dorm room from this building, ever. I promise.

The vocational school is the red building on the backyard of the dormitory. It is no more. Everything, I repeat everything on the premises apart from the oldest and protected building was demolished in 2019 to make way for new housing, which is currently being built.

It’s time to say goodbye to this staircase for good. But there still was time to take one more photo – the strangest of them all.

The final photo I took in the dormitory was of this old magazine, when going downstairs. It’s a very old magazine with news about a railway strike in Britain, a march for peace from Helsinki to Minsk and news about a restaurant burning down.

When I opened these old photos for editing in the spring of 2021, I found something oddly familiar about this photo. It took me a while to realize, that the building where the burned restaurant was located became my home four and a half years after I took this picture. It was just a coincidence, yet chilling.

This was all I had from this house. You can see all the photos in the gallery.

New adventures await.

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