Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XVI

Another funny detail in the building was, that the main staircase of the new annex building was actually located in the old building.

The second floor common room. The boys had much more comfortable couches than the girls, but they had to share the kitchen and living room with a much larger group of people than the girls. Personally I’d have preferred the smaller amount of people to share space with.

The dorm rooms up here were pretty much the same.

The main difference was the colour. On the first floor it was green, on the second orange.

The colour coding went as far as the dorm room closet doors.

The annex also had its own staircase. Apparently it was colour coded, too.

There had been lots of vandalism, but what I wonder, is where the insulation comes from. The roof was intact.

One poor unauthorized visitor had forgotten their coat. Hope they didn’t catch a cold.

It really was a good idea to leave the soil here.

The doors don’t quite seem to be original, so apparently there was some renovation done in the 80’s or 90’s.

The tiles look pretty familiar from somewhere.

The floor in this room was once again totally different from all the others in the building.

Another interesting piece of art.

A commercial for a competition, where you could win an 800 euro travel gift voucher.

Well, at least it was intact.

Up we go again.

The door between the old stairway and the new dormitory annex didn’t look too tempting. I mean somebody called this their home door once.

Another common room. I once again can’t help feeling like I was in a GTA Vice City cutout.

What a shade of green. Perhaps this is a hint of things to come later.

Oh yes, definitely a hint of green.

Would you like to see some more photos of dorm rooms with green cupboards?

You would? Well Here’s one.

Here’s two.

Beauty contestant number three.

And number four. This room even had an own fridge, although I’m not sure if it originally was here or did someone bring it here later.

My bad: there had indeed been insulation in the roof. The vandals had just ripped all the roof tiles away on the lower floor.

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