The School for the Special Salmon Part III

Next I arrived in the main lobby. I took these pictures in September, but somehow they had already braced for the coming winter.

In Finland we always joke about old people trying to use kicksleds in as little snow as possible. Wonder, where grandpa’s tried to go this time. Let’s have a look at the piece of art in the back of the dining room next.

This one was rather minimalistic, but I rather liked it. I believe, it has been made espacially for this school, as the name of the place was Salmon dam’s school and there’s clearly a salmon and a dam.

All the appliances in the kitchen had been removed and recycled.

The school also seemed to have undergone an extensive renovation some time during the 1990’s. The floor on the left is the original 60’s tiling.

The podium and the red carpet are here. Just where are the winners?

I think the old wooden elevator doors were much more beautiful than modern, metallic ones. And what on earth is that thing on the wall?

This room was dedicated to old movie posters.

I really don’t know if the posters belonged to the school or were a later addition. These rooms had been used by an ad agency after the school moved away.

I guess this is where cooking classes were held.

The layout of the school was strange. I usually expolre abandoned houses methodically, floor by floor, but here it wasn’t possible. I had to go up and down, and up again to actually see everything.

It looked almost as if they had started taking the place down although the construction company had told me, it wasn’t happening yet.

This place claimed to be the office. Also since when have Persian rugs been a part of a school interior?

The collection of TV sets of different ages really was astonishing in this school.

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