The School for the Special Salmon Part II

As you can see from the picture, the power is on. This is the only abandoned house I’ve ever been to, which wasn’t completely abandoned. Boxers were training here even while I photographed.

And yes, I did promise some surprises. Well, let’s see what we find if we follow that arrow.

All right, it seems like a normal locker room with the showers behind the next door.

But this, this really makes me feel envious. Of course I’d have liked to have a sauna after gym lessons, too. This is not standard equipment in Finnish schools.

And this is most definitely not standard equipment in Finnish schools. But I can see why this is here. As you can see, it’s accessible with a wheelchair. And as the pupils had special needs, going to the municipal swimming pool would perhaps have been less safe.

What this was doing in the pool made a little less sense.

The pool room was one of the nicest spaces in the building. The red bricks and light wood used in so many public places in the 60’s really give a nice, calm atmosphere.

Another messy room. The red chair in the picture really doesn’t look like it feels at home here.

The green drawer looked impressive, but was unfortunately empty.

The doors and the counters are a little more spacious than in ordinary schools.

Another room raising more questions than giving answers. What is the point of those wallpaper slices? And who has bitten off one corner of the table?

A very random collection of useless paper and sporting equipment.

The rooms in this wing were rather small and mostly empty. They contained just one or two odd items each. This is, where the Christmas tree has ended up, in case you’re looking for it.

Yet another classroom with innovative wallpaper designs. And a mini Christmas tree.

Like I said, this wasn’t one of the most interesting buildings I had seen. Just empty rooms one after another.

The signs on the floor say “waxed”. The brownish thing on the walls and on the floor hints at there being something worse wrong with the pipes than originally told.

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