A Grand Piece of Sawdusty History Part III

I believe the bridge was used as support for cabling between the planing mill and the power station. This is just a guess, but it was so weak, I couldn’t think of any other use for it.

Like the planing mill, the power station was pretty much smashed.

The planing mill could be seen through the windows.

The inside is dominated with several huge barrel shaped objects. I guess they are boilers, but once again it’s just a guess.

The power plant was controlled from here. According to my sources the controls were modernized in the 1970’s, when the adjacent building was converted into a planing mill.

Also this building featured dangerous looking holes in the floors. Here, there were many more, which led directly to a water filled basement.

This is once again a guess. But I believe that casing houses the power station’s turbine.

Behind the turbine was another instrument panel. And rows of turqouise cupboards, which had housed electrical equipment, but were now empty.

The floor of the building was original. And beautiful.


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