A Grand Piece of Sawdusty History Part IV

Here’s another shot of the alleyway between the planing mill on the left and the power plant on the right. As you can see, the day was beautiful for photography. Almost too beautiful, as the sun was constantly in the way.

This close up of the planing mill shows the fire damage pretty clearly. The second floor has burned and the roof collapsed.

The damage stretches from one end of the building about halfway. I still can’t help wondering the strange doors, which really don’t seem to bee original.

Behind the planing mill was the sawmill company’s gardener’s cottage. It, too, was abandoned.

The roof didn’t look too safe, so we had to be content with photographing the place through the windows.

A walk around and a peek through windows showed, that there really wasn’t much to see inside anyway.

This place had been cute and still probably could be. The water in the middle of the picture shows that the roof is leaking.

This detail was to be my final shot of the planing mill. About four months later it was demolished along with the gardener’s cottage and several other buildings in the sawmill area.

The power station and the pipe were left standing for then.

All the photos from this location can be viewed in the gallery.

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