A Grand Piece of Sawdusty History Part II

Upstairs we go then. As you can see, it was a very bright spring day outside.

There wasn’t much graffiti downstairs, but upstairs was a different story. I especially like the mad spongebob breaking through the wall. I also wonder, why they had a railway track upstairs and why a wall was built right across it.

While the downstairs was an all open space, the upstairs was much more of a maze.

Here’s the friendly looking gap from my last post pictured from above. The drop actually looks much higher this way.

There has been something big in the corner. What, history isn’t here to tell us that anymore.

The engineer who loved yellow walls had worked upstairs too.

Despite the sunshine outside, there were scary, dark corridors inside. Is it just me, or is the closest pillar completely out of line?

The power station can bee seen through the windows. The two buildings were really close to each other.

For one reason or another this one reminds me of a school toilet. Whatever it was, it’s not in a very good shape right now.

In the middle of the building it was really just empty rooms.

Or not completely empty. This one contained lots of receipt looking paper slips.

About half of the building’s upstairs was completely destroyed by fire. We didn’t want to go any further, as we deemed it unsafe.

Here are some exterior shots of the planing mill.

And here’s anohter. The strange modern doors do make it a bit uglier, but the place used to be a beautiful example of 1920’s industrial architecture.

The planing mill can be seen on the left, the power station is to the right. And that’s where we’ll head next.

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