The Fish Finger School Part XV

Back to the lobby again. This is the place, where you can either descend down to the main lobby or go up the split stairs.

Another look back towards the main entrance. How many have I managed to take during this visit?

My guess is, that I have just managed to find the teachers’ study.

Again the beautiful fall colors and the crazy mess inside the school form quite a contrast.

That part is the main entrance. One of the holes in the wall is visible in the left corner. The soot on the wall makes me wonder, if they have actually managed to destroy the wall using explosives.

Up we go again. This is the other set of stairs I didn’t take in the beginning.

Another classroom with congratulations to Daniela written on the whiteboard. The Language House is visible behind the trees in the window.

The sign saying Vantaanjoki school was probably used in the last musical made in the school. According to a local paper the musical had references to the fish finger incident, which the school became famous for.

The elevator was original from the 1960’s. Now it’s the cave for bunnies.

The classrooms were all the same. But I wasn’t exactly looking for them.

As soon as I saw the balcony, I wanted to find an entrance there. I succeeded.

The view from the balcony windows.

These were probably once the best seats in the assembly hall. Around 55 spring festivals were enjoyed here.

The lobby, where the access to the balcony was.

The same guy is back with his live, live live instead of live, love, laugh.

I am back in the main stairway facing the first floor corridor.

A view of the collection of holes by the main entrance. Come to think of it, maybe they have been the police or the army training penetrating a building here. That would explain the soot outside.

The first classroom on the first floor corridor was the home economics class.

At this point I decided to call it quits. It was a grey evening at half past six. It was starting to get darker outside. That combined with the fact that the windows were boarded shut on the first floor made photography impossible.

In addition to that, a group of teenagers had entered. Although they were polite and greeted me, they started smashing things. The noise was such, that I expected the neighbors to call the cops any time soon.

And so I was on the road and never saw the Fish Finger School again. It was demolished the following winter.

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