Two Schools In One Shot

Every once in a while you spot something interesting while driving. This time it was this.

A beautiful old school building, which had definitely seen better days. Like the older building of the mental asylum I covered in my previous post, even this beauty had been built in the 1920’s as a school for kids in the area.

The school soon became too small and a larger school was built next to it in 1964 – the very same year as the mental asylum was enlarged. School use in this old building ended way back in 1993 and it had sat unused and without upkeep for several years now.

The story was very similar to the mental asylum here, too. The school building was in a very bad shape and in fact had been empty since 2019.

The pupils had been studying in these barracks since then. The newer school building was already destined for demolition while it was a bit unclear what would be done with the older building, which had significant values.

What really struck me was, how nice teenagers were in this town. I mean this building had been empty for around a year, yet there wasn’t a single broken window. The same thing applied to the old mental asylum, which had also stood abandoned for some time.

I guess they have better things to do. Too bad.

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