The Fish Finger School Part II

Like I said earlier, we started by exploring the small red barrack on the yard. It was the most recent addition to the school complex, but the date of building remains unknown. It wasn’t visible on maps from the early 1990’s.

We were greeted by a huge mess and destruction already at the front door of the barrack.

All blinds of the building were closed, so it was pretty dark inside. As the destruction was so total, we really had to mind our step.

We first found what seemed to be a normal classroom. Everything had been left as it was, when the use of the building ended here a year earlier. Still, keep in mind, that all this destruction has appeared here in just a year.

And everything, I really mean everything had been left as it was. Even the TV, which someone had by now torn from the wall. Someone had also emptied a fire extinguisher inside the room, which explains the white dust.

It was impossible to know what had been taught here back in the days.

There was a small corridor connecting the classrooms in the small barrack. The red couch looked inviting and quite luxurious too for a building like this.

Another classroom, an even bigger mess. The artist, who had drawn on the blackboard clearly is the same as in the previous room. The large things on the desks are lamps, which have been torn from the ceiling.

An interesting way to decorate a wall.

Instruction to the use of the barrack. You have to keep the premises in the shape in which they were, when you came in. You may not touch the contents of the closets and drawers and you have to close the doors and windows when you leave. You may not disconnect computers and you may not enter the storage room.

I think none of these have been obeyed here.

Chips and macarons. Whoever has been spending time here, has been hungry.

To be continued.

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